Accommodation Introduction

1.Who can book Student Accommodation

The student who has T4 Visa can book student accommodation.

2.Will any fees be charged while booking

Free except some marked “Application Fee” need to be Charged

3.Room Type

ROOM TYPE Basic En-suite Studio 1 Bedroom Flat
Bathroom 2~8 People share 1~2


Kitchen 2~8 People share 1 Kitchen 2~6 People share 1 Kitchen

Basic Room

A basic room refers to a single room apartment. The rooms only come with the basic necessities such as, a bed, wardrobe, and a chair. While the bathroom(s) and kitchen are shared with other tenants. Flats can consist of three to seven rooms, however, flats consisting of four or more rooms contain an additional shared bathroom compared to those with less rooms. While the basic room is the least expensive option, student housing management is also a lot more strict.

Ensuite Room

The en-suite is a single room that contains everything found in a studio except a private kitchen. Generally, several en-suite tenants make use of a shared kitchen and a common living area. Compared to the price of a studio, the en-suite is cheaper, and a shared kitchen eliminates the problem of having a messy cooking space in your bedroom. In addition, tenants can take advantage of the shared kitchen and a living room to connect with roommates from different backgrounds, while still maintaining their own private space.

Studio Room

A Studio generally refers to a single suit or one-room flat. The Studio is a very common housing type with a size ranging from 12-30 square meters. These apartments include a bed, desk, wardrobe, toilet, bathroom, and kitchen. Studios usually come with an open concept kitchen, which does not make the design suitable for cooking Chinese cuisine. Among all the room styles included in a student housing complex, studios are the most expensive and are suited to those who covet privacy.

One Bedroom Flat

A One-bedroom flats are slightly more private and practical compared to studio apartments, this is due to the distinct partition between the kitchen, living room and bedroom spaces. For those who desire the convenience of a spacious living environment, a one-bedroom flat is the best option. However, all good things come with a price, so be prepared to pay more for the extra space.

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